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Write her a letter, send her flowers, love only gets old if you let it. (via highrapunzel)
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*high fives your ass*

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Around 1 AM I turn into Nuka that psychotic lion from The Lion King II


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Modern Baseball | Apartment 

I walk home with my eyes low
Dreaming up conversations we’ll have tomorrow
Your loose ends, my new friends
All the classes in high school we fell asleep in
But now I can hardly close my eyes.

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I just told my mom I was going to roll a blunt with a page of her bible so I can inhale the word of The Lord.

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i want to be loved and cuddled and hugged and then fucked against a wall (◕‿◕✿)

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Awww guys my step sister got me a giant Reese’s egg and a gift card for Easter :)

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Happy easter to everybody who celebrates it 💕🐰🌸🐣 

& happy 420 to anybody who celebrates that 👌


awww I love getting cute goodnight texts from no one

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